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✧ き . KI . Qi 


Ki is a word that carries various meanings; energy, feeling, spiritual, mind, etc.

You are energy. Your surroundings carries different energies, whether it's people or nature. Kijewels was born with a purpose to remind you to protect your energy and to feel connected to our Mother Earth. Which is why I often work with crystals and other natural materials. As we all come from this beautiful Mother Earth, I do believe that it is in our nature that we feel the most at peace when we're close to nature. Times have changed and in the modern world that we live now, I strongly wish that wearing one of Kijewel's piece in your daily basis will always remind you the importance of your energy, nature and being in tune with the right vibrations!

Throughout my journey of travelling around different countries, I have gotten inspired repeatedly and picked up little pieces of something along the way. I believe that as a person, you are evolving everyday and I am truly grateful that I am able to share every bit of inspiration in my designs that made me who I am today.

Most jewelleries are made using crystals that were mined ethically from all over the world, handpicked by yours truly.


- Shuri