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Morganite Link Necklace

Morganite Link Necklace

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Morganite: The Heart's Embrace

Awash in hues that evoke the warmth of true love, morganite is a gemstone that nurtures both self-love and compassion for others. Its soft pink and peachy tones emanate vibrations of divine acceptance and unconditional kindness. This gentle mineral empowers the wearer to open their heart fully - embracing their authentic self while extending that same tender understanding outward. Morganite's energy acts as a reminder to treat oneself with the same care and appreciation one offers to loved ones.


- Tarnish Resistant/Shower Friendly

- 43cm/16" with 5cm Extender

- Raw Cut Crystal

- 100% Designed & Handmade by Kijewels


Please note that every stone is unique and hand selected. A slight variation in shape, colour and size will occur.

Due to the nature of these raw cut crystals, they may be fragile and extra care is needed. Please avoid dropping them on the floor.

All items are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 3-5 business days before shipment for product to be made.